Delivering highly personalized cruising experiences with a custom wearable. Developed a unique, branded visual and interactive system. Redefined and documented a digital Design Language System for OCEAN, the next-generation experience across all Carnival Cruise brands centered around enabling guests to create, navigate and commemorate their dream vacation. This was a large scale endeavor involving a client in Miami, six creative agencies scattered about the states and hundreds of developers across the globe.
How Medallion & Compass Work Together
The Medallion is the Guests physical connection to the Ship and Crew. The Medallion provides real-time location-based connectivity allowing for seamless entry, personalized experiences and tap-to-pay.
The Compass is the Guests portal into Carnivals Next Generation digital platform. Now through one easy to use interface, Guests can plan their vacation, book excursions, arrange dinner reservations, order food and beverages, navigate the ship, and stay connected with friends and family.
My Role
I was contracted by Matter to lead the internal visual design team and re-imagine the overall visual design tone. Our team was to oversee that vision from other partnering agencies. I co-art directed and supported the animation studios in Los Angeles, hired talent and managed other contractors and supported our development partners to bring the products to market. Much of the design thinking and vision for the program had been established, however it was difficult to grasp which aspects of the design had been client approved. One of the many challenges we faced was designing for a platform agnostic system of components that could extend across both multi and single user touch screens for both the Guest and Crew. From 4k Stateroom displays with touchscreens and remotes, vertical and horizontal web browsers, mobile app and giant interactive screens all built in GTML and Unity.
A NSEW Paradigm
Similar to an actual compass, the core interaction model for the Guest and Crew Compass design is based on the North, South, East, West (NSEW) paradigm. Navigating within the four cardinal directions provides the guest with a mechanism to explore their journey through time (East-West), while providing inspiration (North) and enhancement (South) of their journey, based on any specific moment in time. At the intersection of both axes is the current time and situation. From here, a third axis (the z-axis) provides access to content related to the journey.
The Journey serves as the foundation of the core interaction model. By scrolling East and West, a guest can go forward and backward in time. The Journey orients a Guest to their present moment, allows them to explore potential cruise options, and view/commemorate their own journey.
The concept for the Journey is much larger than a single cruise. It exists more as a timeline to the Guest, capturing moments both pre-cruise, during a cruise, post cruise, and even contextual locations not associated with a current or upcoming journey. A Guest always has a sense of current time and place with a journey; because of this, the journey also supports the Compass metaphor. The NSEW paradigm influenced every aspect of the program, from the first-time Guest experience to the structure of the packaging.

The East-West axis represents time: the future to the East and the past to the West. To accommodate all aspects of the guest experience, this axis extends beyond the current journey to before and after a cruise, providing the guest with the capability to relive past cruises and explore future opportunities.

The experience on the North-South axis should inspire the guest, and entertain them with highly curated and deeply personal content.
Dynamic Time of Day & Weather 
Time of day helps to provide a sense of context for guests while navigating the Compass and their vacation. Providing real time weather in the itinerary also helps guests plan for future events. The weather, as well as the time of the day, transitions seamlessly as the Guest navigates through their itinerary. Objects and places in the environment also update in real-time.
Since we were responsible for the overall vision for the experience and design, it was important for our team to create and document a cohesive and digestible way to share design decisions with all of our design partners, developers and vendors. This was all done through the cloud-based software Confluence. With extensive and detailed descriptions of how to implement the design as well as create new interactions that follow the established patterns. This was probably the greatest challenge for us due to last minute client requests. Communicating these updates with multiple teams was a daily task. It contains all working files, templates, motion specs, IA, journey maps, wireframes, flows and interaction documentation to help aid in the continuing evolution of the apps.
Final Results
The OCEAN Compass is a paradigm changing user interface and digital interaction experience. Personalized and engaging, designed for OCEAN class experiences to bring Carnival Corporations' Next Generation Experience to life.
The Compass is a digital portal that allows any Carnival Guest to simply and intuitively create, navigate, and commemorate their dream vacation anywhere on any device. OCEAN Compass will entice a new generation of cruisers and reignite veteran cruisers by easily and seamlessly allowing them to consume and experience what matters to them most, bringing to life their dream vacation.
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